Practice Management & Marketing

Practice Management and Marketing–

Management: Our associates are available to assist you in reviewing your practice’s processes and procedures with an eye towards more efficient client/caseload management. This normally results in the opportunity to expand your client roster without investing in additional resources.

Marketing: Our associates can provide your practice with a wide range of marketing expertise and resources. From traditional practice marketing, to contemporary electronic and social media platforms, we have resources that you can utilize to help your practice grow.

Consultation Type
Hourly Fee1
Minimum Retainer2

Direct to Practitioner – Non-graduate3

Direct to Practitioner – Graduate3

  1. These consultation fees are charged on an hourly basis, billed in 5 minute increments. Unused retainer fees are not refundable.
  2. All Consultations are prepaid. There is no Accounts Receivable billing arrangement available. In the event that we estimate a consultation engagement is going to exceed the remaining client account balance, the client has the option of prepaying the balance due at the non-discounted price, or renewing a monthly agreement early.
  3. The terms “Non-graduate” and “Graduate” refer to matriculation through the R.A. Michael & Associates, Inc. courses.
  4. This bundle is only available to Graduates if subscribed to within 30 days of the student attending the final course he/she enrolled in. This Bundle includes all Consultation types.
  5. These bundles are only available as monthly renewals of the Initial Consultation Bundle and require a monthly recurring credit card agreement arranged in advance.