Multiple states

Multiple State taxpayer issues: What can we do for you?

  • We offer over thirty years of experience with federal and state tax preparation
  • We are very familiar with the needs of taxpayers who are required to file multiple state returns
  • We have years of experience preparing non-resident state returns, ensuring that all possible credits and deductions are taken for so called “double taxed income”, such as out of state rental property, real estate sales or out of state businesses
  • For the taxpayer who has moved to another state, we assure that income, deductions and credits are taken correctly for each state, such as moving deductions and itemized deductions
  • We have done the research to make certain that you are paying the lowest possible tax on your 1040 and state tax returns
  • Multiple state filings are analyzed for the best filing options
  • Review past year’s tax returns for accuracy and file an amended return for possible refunds
  • If the filings of prior year tax returns are required-we can file them applying same strategy outlined above

Tax clients that commonly have these issues are:

  • People who work in multiple states
  • People who have moved from one state to another
  • People who own rental property in a non-resident state
  • People who bought or sold real estate in a non-resident state
  • People with outstanding state tax issues or problems which need resolved