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Overwhelming Tax Issues

  • Need to file current year or prior years? We can help!

  • If you filed an extension for current year, you only have until October 15th to file.
  • If you did not file an extension, you need to file soon as you can in case you owe tax, there are penalties for filing late, and they grow as time goes by.
  • If you need to file prior year’s returns, it should be done soon. If you owe, penalties are growing. If you have a refund coming, there are time limits on filing for refund, the window is closing.
  • Military Adjustments to Taxes
  • Filing requirements to allow additional time to file and even pay taxes
  • Adjustment to income levels on federal and state taxes
  • Various tax credits need to be adjusted for certain military members
  • Multiple state tax issues
  • Ensuring no double taxation between states
  • Determining the best ways to file to reduce total tax liability
  • Small Business
  • Proper handling of income and commissions
  • Expenses and deductions from Advertising to Office in home
  • Tax planning
  • Year round tax planning, helping your growing business with a tax projection for the next year, or just to anticipate how your life changes will impact your taxes

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