Resolve Unpaid Employment Tax in San Diego

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Most business owners don’t realize that under section 6672 of the Internal Revenue Code the IRS is allowed to “pierce the corporate veil” and personally assess every principle in a business and anyone who is on the bank signature card for the business’ account in the amount of 100% of the unpaid payroll taxes. This is also called the IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (IRS TFRP) and IRS 100% Penalty.

If you’ve recently been assessed an IRS civil penalty, we understand what you’re going through. Often, the assessment amount for IRS unpaid employment taxes in San Diego is for multiple calendar quarters and can be a number large enough that bankruptcy may seem to be the only option. We’re here to offer you alternate solutions and help you get through this. Depending on the circumstances, we can get you relief from some or, on occasion, all of the assessment.

We have a combined 60 years of experience solving cases like yours, and our initial consultation is free. Please call us and make an appointment so we can begin providing you and your family with relief from this stressful situation.

We also offer representation before the IRS and states for:

Resolve Back Payroll Taxes in San Diego with Offer in Compromise

If you truly cannot pay your tax liability, we can settle your case for less than full payment. An Offer in Compromise is a complex process that usually takes months to finalize, and very few taxpayers are legitimate Offer candidates. We never guarantee to settle for “pennies on the dollar” and caution people against the extremely misleading commercials about settling for 10 cents on the dollar. Our Offer in Compromise acceptance rate is over 90% because we only accept Offer clients who are truly candidates.

Successful San Diego Lien and Levy Relief

If the IRS or State has seized your bank accounts, wages, or accounts receivables, one of the first steps we take after you retain us is getting these levies released.

Next, we negotiate with the IRS to successfully resolve the matter and remove these stressful events from your life.

Defeating Unpaid Employer Payroll Tax Assessments

Commonly known as the IRS 100% Penalty or the IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (IRS TFRP), this is where the IRS personally assesses business owners for unpaid payroll taxes. Small business owners often don’t realize the IRS can pierce the “corporate veil” and personally assess all parties it deems responsible for unpaid payroll taxes. We have decades of experience in helping clients defeat IRS Section 6672 in San Diego by deposing witnesses, conducting case research, and successfully arguing the appeal.

IRS Installment Agreements for Employment Taxes

Once we’ve set you up on an affordable monthly payment plan, the IRS cannot enforce collection activity. Provided you don’t miss a monthly payment, no seizures or other surprises can occur.

No matter how your case is resolved, taking the initial step to retain our services shows the IRS you are serious about getting this matter finished and out of your life.

Filing Administrative Appeals in San Diego for Payroll Taxes

If the IRS has made a determination on your case that is unfavorable, we can do the necessary case law research and argue an administrative appeal before the IRS on your behalf.

Appeals are available for a number of IRS issues such as Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, Independent Contractor Status, Deficiency Assessments, Audit, and more.

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