Your Rights as a Taxpayer

Your Rights as a Taxpayer


The IRS adopted a Taxpayer Bill of Rights so that taxpayers are aware of their rights when dealing with the IRS. IRS employees must follow proper conduct when dealing with taxpayers or their representatives, and you should not be subject to inappropriate questioning or requests in the event you are audited or receive an examination notice. Your sensitive tax, financial, and identity information is meant to be kept safe as well.

In summary, here are the rights guaranteed to you, the taxpayer, through the Taxpayer Bill of Rights:

1. You have a right to be told what you must do to comply with federal tax laws.

2. IRS employees must be comprehensible as well as professional and courteous when dealing with your tax matters, and you have the right to file a complaint about improper conduct.

3. You have the right to pay no more taxes than what you legally owe.

4. You have the right to raise objections to IRS actions and written correspondence, and appeal IRS decisions made regarding your taxes.

5. The IRS must make you aware of the maximum amount of time allotted to challenge them as well as the maximum amount of time there is to audit a particular tax year. They must also notify you when your audit is complete.

6. All IRS inquiries are subject to due process and shall only be as intrusive as necessary, ensuring your privacy.

7. You have the right to refuse the IRS the ability to disclose any information about you unless you consent or they are required to by law.

8. You have the right to retain authorized representation such as a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or tax attorney. If you cannot afford representation, you are permitted to use a Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic.

9. You have the right to receive assistance from the Taxpayer Advocate Service if you are under financial hardship or if the IRS is not resolving your tax issues in a prompt manner.


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